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¥18,000 Elezo House - Hunting-driven, French-inspired cuisine. Dine on a philosophy that takes farm-to-table to a whole new level as you savor the delicious, delicate flavors of wild game from the vast and abundant land of Hokkaido.
¥34,000 Kasumicho Suetomi - Simple is best, but simple is difficult. That is Chef Yasuo Suetomi’s motto.
¥26,500 Tokuyama - Many a Tokyo artist and hipster have supped at this cherry wood counter. Tucked away in a pocket of Nishi Azabu, right in the thick of the bustling bar district, is a cosy and private eatery called Tokuyama.
¥37,000 Harutaka - Artistry, craftsmanship and a fastidious passion for the finest sushi. A softly draped noren, the clean soothing smell of freshly cut timber, an interior resembling an exquisite ryokan ? these are the elements that greet you the moment you step
¥30,500 Higuchi - Be treated to quality without a trace of ego _ genuine goodness with special touches infused into delicious dishes and heart-warming service.
¥25,500 Eigetsu - Approachable and affordable kaiseki served by a formidable pair.
¥20,000 Tempura Motoyoshi - Meticulous, discriminating and highly-acclaimed, the chef at Tempura Motoyoshi has a clear vision for entertaining his guests.
¥32,000 Ginza Sushi Kanesaka - The ultimate master is my customer: this is the mantra of the worldly, chatty chef of this exquisite yet no-fuss sushi restaurant.
¥28,000 Quintessence - Perfection. Constantly creative cuisine and impeccable service _ true to its name, this is the quintessential fine dining experience.
¥37,500 Sushi Yoshitake - With just seven seats but three stars, it is no exaggeration to call Sushi Yoshitake exclusive.


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