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¥31,000 Sushi Arai - Despite being one of the youngest sushi chefs in town, Chef Arai has already forged his own style.
¥29,000 Sushi Kimura - The ‘Father of Aged Sushi’ at Sushi Kimura pushes the boundaries to serve sushi and small plates cuisine, opening customers eyes to non-conventional fish varieties and exciting new combinations that will tantalize even the most trained of s
¥34,000 Kasumicho Suetomi - Simple is best, but simple is difficult. That is Chef Yasuo Suetomi’s motto.
¥31,000 Hyotei - Enjoyed by many for 450 years and breathtakingly beautiful in its elegant simplicity, Hyotei sweeps you away in the moment and takes you on a journey.
¥25,500 Eigetsu - Approachable and affordable kaiseki served by a formidable pair.
¥25,500 Oryori Hayashi - Authentic simplicity. This earnest chef of traditional Kyoto kaiseki cuisine knows that true goodness comes from within.
¥20,000 Tempura Motoyoshi - Meticulous, discriminating and highly-acclaimed, the chef at Tempura Motoyoshi has a clear vision for entertaining his guests.
¥30,000 Sushi Ryusuke - By no means wild and unusual, but perhaps best described as unconventional. Unconventional pairings, unconventional methods, unconventional presentation.
¥14,500 Cignale Enoteca - Italian cuisine with Japanese sensibility, Cignale Enoteca is a hidden treasure.
¥29,500 Gion Matayoshi Kaiseki - Gion, Kyoto Exquisitely plated two star Michelin Kyoto cuisine created by an Okinawan chef, paired with an unparalleled sake selection


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