Kyomachiya Nishijin

Kanki-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto

Accommodation type Vacation Home

Nishijin is a part of Kyoto known for monozukuri (Japanese-style manufacturing), and is an integral part of the city’s history of interweaving tradition and innovation.
Our machiya (traditional tradesman’s house) captures the spirit of Kyoto. While feeling the pulse of the bustling metropolis, it offers a place to slow down and rejuvenate the soul.
It is near the Kinkakuji, Daitokuji, Kitano Tenman-gu, and Shimami Shinto shrines.
Arashiyama and Sagano can be reached in 30 minutes.

*Kyomachiya Nishijin is a ryokan (a simple, Japanese-style inn).


  • Free-of-charge parking
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Elevator
  • Free-of-charge cleaning service

Terms of Use/ Restrictions

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Other terms of use
    1.Please inform us of the check-in time at the time of reservation. Staff are not resident at Nishijin. Staff will wait at Nishijin according to the arrival time and we will meet you.

    2.For guests from Japan, we will tell you the time of arrival the next day by telephone on the day before arrival, unlocking № of entrance. Regarding guests from overseas, the staff will explain on that day.

    3.Smoking is prohibited in the hotel. If you smoke cigarettes please in the garden.

    4.There is no provision of yukata / pajamas (we have bath towels, face towel, hair dryer, brush, toothbrush, cotton swab, shower cap, body towel etc).

    5.Free five bicycles for rent are placed in parking spaces facing diagonally. (The staff will explain on that day.)

    6.We also have a free parking facility diagonally opposite. (You can stop domestic large cars and wagon series as well)

    7.Please tell us about luggage storage time and parking lot usage time etc.

    8.Guests can also use the baggage delivery service "hand-to-Kyoto sightseeing" on arrival from Kyoto station before check-in to Kyoto station after check-in is available for a fee, so please contact us.

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