M's House02

Ota-ku,Kamatahoncho Ota-ku, Tokyo

Accommodation type Apartment

You’ll never get bored during your stay! Enjoy your nights here with your company!

★PS4(4 controllers are available, all games allows up to 4 people play together)

★Over 200 popular Japanese Manga comics(English version) The circulation of the Manga has hit 400 million mark in the world!

★100 inch projector




Over 200 Japanese favorite Managa comics (English version) are here! They are highly selected by your host, Mikoto. All the following Manga comics are all English versions

This is a very nice room located 8 minutes by train from Haneda Airport. You can use Kamata station, Keikyu Kamata station and Umeyashiki station as the nearest station.

Around the apartment, there are numerous stores essential for life, from restaurants and bars to supermarkets and convenient stores. In addition, there is no need to worry about internet connection as it offers free Wi-Fi!

Ota ward is the great place where you can fully experiences Japanese culture and life.

Time to...
- Haneda Airport Station - 8 min
- Shinagawa Station - 10 min
- Yokohama Station - 17 min
- Tokyo Station - 20 min
- Shibuya Station - 30 min
- Shinjuku Station - 35min


  • Free-of-charge parking
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Elevator
  • Free-of-charge cleaning service

Terms of Use/ Restrictions

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Other terms of use
    Not suitable for pets
    No parties or events

    Check-in is after 3PM

    In accordance with the Act on National Strategic Special Zones, all persons lodging at M’s House 02 are subject to the following requirements.

    1. Please send via email the following details of all guests after placing your reservation:

    Full name
    Address in country of residence
    Telephone number
    Passport number

    2. After arriving at M's House 02, we will confirm your identity through either meeting face-to-face, or via video using the provided tablet. At that time, we ask non-Japanese persons to please show your passport to confirm your identity.
    Japanese citizens and foreign citizens residing in Japan must present a driving license, passport or other sufficient documentation to verify their identity,

    3. In principle, guests are not allowed to cancel stays of fewer than six nights and seven days. Cancellation is only possible in the case of unavoidable circumstances such as illness.

    4. M’s House 02 can handle English and Japanese and Chinese.
    Please have someone who can speak English or Japanese or Chinese in your group.

    5. We provide our guests with the following:
    - Regular cleaning
    - Information in foreign languages
    - Response to fire or other emergencies

    6. When using the facilities, please observe the following rules.
    ・Do not leave waste outside; leave it inside the room.
    ・Do not make noise or disturb others.
    ・Please read the house manual on how to use the facilities.
    ・In case of a fire or emergency, please inform the persons whose contact details
    can be found on the first and second floor emergency telephone lists.

    Please observe the above, our accommodation manual, and other house rules.

    Check-in: 15:00 / Check-out: 11:00 *
    Please do not smoke anywhere in the apartment.
    Please do not wear outdoor shoes in the apartment, use the slippers provided.
    Please lock the door when you go out.
    Please do not disturb the neighbours by making loud noises, singing, playing loud music or behaving in an offensive manner, especially after 22:00.
    Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.
    Please do not leave your rubbish outside the door on the porch.
    Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided making sure to separate combustible and noncombustible items. Recyclable materials should also be separated: PET bottles, paper, cans and bottles.
    Feel free to use any kitchen utensils, but be sure to clean and dry them and return them after use.
    The air conditioning is free to use, but please be sure to switch it off before leaving the house.
    * Extra 50 dollar charge for late check out.

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