Nanbacyo, shimogyo-ku, kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Accommodation type Vacation Home

Two-story private house:
* 1st floor - cantilevered terrace over the Takase River, exotic living room with sofa upholstered in Missoni's velour and large ceramic bathtub.
* 2nd floor - Traditional tatami bedroom with comfy futons.

Easy access to most Kyoto sights.

From the terrace, you can get a close look at cherry blossoms in spring or maple leaves in autumn, and if you are lucky, you can see ducks floating on the river.

Facilities & Amenities:
* Electronic lock system with a personalized numerical code
* Free WiFi
* AC (heating/cooling)
* Electric carpet in living room
* Humidifier in main bedroom
* Toilet with electronic bidet
* Shower room with ceramic bathtub
* Shampoo, conditioner, body gel
* Towels
* Toothbrush & toothpaste
* Razor
* Hair dryer
* Minifridge
* Microwave oven
* Hot water kettle
* Nespresso
* Tea and coffee
* 50 inch LCD TV
* Digital audio player
* BD/DVD/CD player
* 1 tatami bedroom with prepared futons
* 1 small tatami lounge (spare bedroom for fourth guest)

The house does NOT have kitchen. However, there are many restaurants around our place.

Our house is located along the Takase River, a narrow canal which runs parallel to the Kamo River. Unlike the Shijo or Sanjo area, our neighborhood Gojo area has a quiet and relax atmosphere.

Kennin-ji, a historic Zen Buddhist temple, is within walking distance.

Two stations located within walking distance give you an easy access to most Kyoto sights.


  • Free-of-charge parking
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Elevator
  • Free-of-charge cleaning service

Terms of Use/ Restrictions

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Other terms of use
    Prohibited matter
    Bringing in the following items to this facility
    · Animals
    · Goods prohibited possession by law
    Dangerous goods (ignitable or flammable substances)
    · Poisonous and deleterious substances (substances harmful to the human body)
    · Significantly large items, many goods, or heavy goods
    · Items that obstruct hygiene

    Next action within our facility
    · Smoking
    · Use of heating equipment, cooking utensils etc. which ignite or remarkably generate heat
    · To use the facility of the facility for purposes other than its original purpose, to change its present condition, and to move it from the specified place
    · Acts contrary to public order and morals
    · Activities that cause loud noise, odor dissipation, other third-party inconveniences
    · Activities intended for profit at this facility without any permission of the facility, for other purposes other than accommodation
    · Posting of articles damaging the appearance of this facility · Installation etc.
    Parking and parking on the front road and neglect of personal belongings
    · Throwing garbage to the front road and Takase River
    · Other acts that interfere with safety and hygiene in and around other facilities

    age limit
    · Because of the nature of the facility with terrace facing the river, balcony, stairs, deep bath tub, we will refuse the use of pre-school children's facilities
    · We refuse facility use for minors only

    · In case of newly staying other guests, please notify our facility without delay and settle the difference between the old and new room rates
    · Please lock all windows and entrance sliding doors when going out

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