Statement based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Service provider
iVacation Co., Ltd.
Website operations director
Takatoshi Oogi
Level 3 Tokyo Tatemono Aoyama Building, 3-3-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Japan 107-0061
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Service/ Product fees
Prices are shown on the purchase pages of each product and service.
Required fees other than the Service/ Product fees
Internet connection charges and costs related to other telecommunication lines are to be borne by the customer. (Fees are as determined by the suppliers which the customer made a contract with.)
Transportation fees to facilities and additional costs incurred there for goods and services must be paid by the customer (traveler).
Time and method of payment
Credit settlement (Prepayment)
Product delivery time
Product will be delivered after payment has been completed. Detailed delivery time will be provided when a product is purchased.
How to handle cancellation
The conditions where a refund is guaranteed are included in the section called Cancellation Policy for each product. In the event of cancellation at customer's (traveler's) convenience, if cancellation is requested before the date stated in the cancellation policy, the specified amount minus commission fee will be refunded.
However, please note that no refund will be given for any cancellation received after the date to guarantee refund, which is specified in the Cancellation Policy.
In the event of cancellation at a host's instance or if it is suspected that there is any cause attributable to TATERU bnb concerning its service provision, a full or partial refund will be made after an immediate investigation of the facts.
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